5 Ways to Leverage Your Past Success to Generate Leads

It’s frustrating. You set up a team to post on social media, write blog posts, create videos, and just about every other marketing activity we constantly hear about from “gurus.” You even get the occasional “nice post” or “wow.. you are doing it all” from your colleagues and friends. But, when you try to justify your time, the cost of employees, and keeping up with the constant content creation, it’s impossible to match your efforts to sales and ROI.

How can I get better results from my marketing?

Focus on the value to your customers & partners

The first step to improving your content marketing is getting a solid understanding of your customer needs. Start by asking current customers how they found you, their most significant problems, and whether they feel your business met their needs.


Once you have a solid understanding of customer needs, you can create content that explicitly answers your buyers’ questions.

Maximize your FAQ Page

At IPX, we craft FAQs to position your business to your highest quality customers. An FAQ page has multiple benefits. First, it allows you to answer questions that get asked frequently. For example, if you are a financial planner, you can frame a question such as “Do you work with clients with a net worth under 5 Million?”. Asking a question like this can make a reader feel comfortable about contacting you if they fit into your audience.


Bonus: FAQs structured with proper schema markup can appear on Google searches. For example, if someone searches for a similar question, Google can display your answer as a featured snippet. See below.

Blogs & Guides

Blog articles reviewing various topics directly related to their needs. At IPX, we build blogs to have a triple-threat effect. First, blogs help drive relevant customers to your website through search engines. Second, blogs are informative for both prospects & current customers. Finally, blogs provide rich data that you can use to dictate further marketing activities, like advertising and lead generation.

Share real examples of the great work you do

Unless you are just starting, you have had many customers in the past. Hopefully, a large percentage of these customers were happy with your service. The problem is that businesses rarely hear from satisfied customers, but it is very common to hear from disgruntled clients!

Develop a review strategy

By incorporating review requests into your business, you can capture positive feedback and showcase it in a way that makes new customers feel more comfortable with your business.

Share photos and videos of your process

If you have a customer that you feel highlights your business well, you can document the process and share a story of how you helped the customer.

Highlight your business through case studies

Case studies can include photos, videos, and reviews, but they will also document tangible results that your clients had when working with you.

Final Reminders

  1. Make sure you have a content strategy before posting.
  2. Be a resource for your customers and partners.
  3. Don’t hide your great customer experiences.

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