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Frequently Asked Questions

IPX is not a full-service marketing agency. We believe that the best partners are specialists, rather than generalists. Rather than offer everything, we identify key areas of opportunity for local service businesses, and create marketing solutions to help small to medium size businesses compete.

Managed marketing services are streamlined marketing systems that companies can tap into to realize growth without building internal teams. At IPX, we give businesses access to create content, manage their reputation, build brand loyalty & tap into the latest digital marketing tools without the burden of building it themselves.

IPX Business Booster is designed for local service businesses. This can range from professional services, to medical services to home services. More important then the industry, we work with clients focused on delivering valuable experiences to their customers. 

We never require long term contracts, and we always have a 30-day No Questions Asked Cancellation Policy! Everything created during our partnership is 100% client owned, and available for download. 

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