Here’s What You Are Missing Out On If You Don’t Have A Blog

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Key Takeaway: If you don’t have a blog on your website in 2023, you’re missing an opportunity to drive significant website traffic, attract higher-quality customers, and build credibility.

Put Yourself in Your Prospects Shoes

You are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, so you head to Google and search “kitchen remodeling near me.” In the results, you see Google Local Service Ads, then three or four Google Ads, then three businesses displayed in the map section right below that, and then pages and pages of organic listings. You are overwhelmed by now!


There are many options, and this is just a Google search alone! Custom blog content can help your business stand out, and help you generate high-quality leads.

#1 - Getting Lost in the Clutter

You risk getting lost in the clutter without a blog and other unique content on your website. With so many options, customers dig in and research before making a phone call. Having a nice amount of 5-star reviews is excellent, but you will be pushed to differentiate even further when your competition also has a 5-star rating.

#2 – Not Answering Your Prospects Questions

Buyers are spending more and more time in the research phase. If your website doesn’t answer their questions upfront, there is a good chance that they will simply click to the next website. Incorporating FAQ’s, blogs that provide guidance, and interactive chat on your website can help customers feel more comfortable and more likely to contact you.

#3 – Losing Authority with Google

Written content is still one of the main ways that Google evaluates your website. Google is constantly monitoring websites to understand which results are most relevant to customers searching. When you have multiple articles around a topic that searchers show interest in, Google is inclined to show your website in search results.

When Google “likes” you, this helps new pages rank more quickly. This is one of the key benefits of consistently posting to your blog.

#4 – Losing Credibility with Customers

Whether you are highlighting past projects, giving tips, or answering customer questions, having a blog can build credibility with customers and, more importantly, with customers looking for value over price. You are missing a great tool to showcase your company’s expertise without a blog. 

#5 – Customers Overlooking Your Services

Many one-time customers don’t realize the extent of your services. Maybe you offer service agreements or other service lines, but clients don’t always consider you when they need them. Try leveraging your blog posts in multiple channels. In addition to paid promotion for your website content, custom articles can be shared with clients via newsletter, published in magazines, or printed to use in person.


If you are thinking about blogging more consistently or considering starting a blog for the first time, you can feel confident knowing that once you post your next article, you are already stepping in the right direction. 

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